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The Forest Protector

Try my choose-your-own-adventure style phone game about a girl who gets lost in the forest and the friends who try to find her. There are at least 30+ endings based on your choices! This was a neat way to try my hand and episodic writing under a deadline and I had lots of fun writing all the twists and turns as well as designing the characters and picking the scenery/music. I hope you have just as much fun reading it! PLAY NOW!


Continuing Authentic Service...


In 2020, The Kandake went virtual and began to offer free services such as dance classes, 

artist and community support groups, micro grants, anti-racist resources, protest safety tips, fundraiser performances, community and movement-building donations, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter for information about upcoming offerings.


1001 Nights: Love Stories on Death Row (A Rock Opera)

Scheherazade is no longer a Queen staving off execution by her cruel husband but an immigrant woman condemned to death by the American criminal justice system. 1001 Nights... is a multicultural feast for the senses accentuated by original Hip Hop, Rock, and World Music. The show explores diverse experiences of marginalization on Eastern and Western landscapes and takes a critical look at the prison-industrial complex.

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Jaguar Woman


Trickster-storyteller, Enitan, guides you through an immersive neo-folktale that observes what happens when corporate greed threatens a small Afro-Indigenous community in Brazil. Jaguar Woman serves as commentary on all "Western" culture and is a reminder that real-world threat of fascism looms even as the borders of reality fade. (1st Place Winner in the Scriptwriting Category of the 90th Annual Writers' Digest Competition.)


The Art of War and Hip Hop


TOAWAH is a conversation between different communities-of-color and beyond. The play draws heavily from world folklore and pays homage to the unique intersections that can be found between imported martial arts movies from the '70s and '80s, Eastern pop cultures, and American Hip Hop cultures. The use of projection/video, cartoon, and subtitles make this work accessible to more than the average theater-going audience.


Script-to-Comic Series

Thanks to Covid-19, theaters were dark across the US so we began to convert full or partial scripts into graphic novels. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and visit this website regularly for updates about the illustrated versions of the plays listed above. You can support this initiative by donating via the "Donate" button at the top of this screen!

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