An avid disciple of world dance Olga El is inspired by the myriad of cultural traditions to which she has been exposed and a love of storytelling. From a young age she was particularly enamored by dances from the Middle East and the northern hemisphere of Africa--better known as belly dance--and chose these dance forms as the foundation of her personal fusion style which includes martial arts, experimental theatre and dances from the West African Diaspora including Latin-American styles and Hip Hop.


From 2008-2011 she directed the belly dance troupe Bastet and its charitable sub-division Belly Dance for Change. She is the founder and artistic director of The Kandake--a dance-theatre collective that combines social activism and philanthropy with folkloric, modern, theatrical and experimental movement.


Olga studied belly dance with her main teacher and mentor, Allisyn Swift— a second generation African belly dancer who is also versed in in Classical Indian dance, Ballet and Jazz. Olga has also studied with master teachers such as folkloric dance scholar, Morocco; Somalian Fulbright scholar, Arianna Al Tiye; Jillina and Amar Gamal of the Belly Dance Super Stars, Brenna and Rayhana of Serena Studios; Jehan and Sultana Taj of Belly Dance America; Darshan and Sera Solstice of Bold Belly Dance and Mariyah of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective; Anasma and Elisheva of Belly Queen, Fayzah and Shoshannah Estell.


Her past work has been featured by many prominent belly dance presenters such as Alwan for the Arts, Jerry Bezdikian, the Lafayette Grill, the Rakkasah Festival, Anahid Sofian and D'jam at Je'Bon. She has also performed for Hannibal Buress, Le Poisson Rouge, The Best Buy Theatre, Tammany Hall, The Mehanata, LAVA, The Zipper Factory, The CMJ Music Festival, The House of Yes, Dances of Vice, The Bitter End, Dixon Place, TED MED (part of TED Talks) and The Lincoln Center.